Anonymous sez: do people ever say mean asks to you that you don't post? i know you ignore a lot of nice ones and when you talk about being disgusting or stupid it seems like more people would be harassing you but i never see it. just curious if people are nice to you when youre sad or if they just get more mean.

ya lol all the time hahaha i only post mean ones that are interesting bc otherwise id just have a blog full of even more boring shit than i already have. but ya i pretty much get mean shit and nice shit after i say anything and people like 2 be extra shitty when i talk about being sad but whatever lol thats a lame ass way 2 live and it doesn’t affect me. if ur gonna be a dick to a literal stranger just bc u want them to be more sad than they already are then u need to find a rpg or something else 2 fill up ya lonely evenings

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i been crying for like 45 minutes and idk if it’s because my schedule for the next week or so is terrifying or because i have 2 leave my dog in florida for a month+ but either way i just realized ive blown my nose on my own damn sheets like at least 8 times and i feel like this may be a new level of pathetic. just thought id share cuz it seems like u guys like my embarrassing disgusting antics alright bye (;

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Anonymous sez: what do you go by now?

my name

the one that is written on every single thing i’ve released in the past year and a half and the one that everyone i know has called me for many years

k i t t y

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