Anonymous sez: have you ever been dissed by another rapper in a song

yes ppl do it a lot but it’s always like

  1. random kid posts song on youtube about how he/she is better than me, usually including lines about my weight/hair/face/dad/freckles/skin color
  2. kid sends me song on twitter/facebook/tumblr, usually a combination of all 3 because they really want me 2 hear it
  3. i listen to song bc they are funny and i appreciate ppl who know who i am 
  4. if song is funny i post it somewhere myself
  5. kid makes hideous mean post about how im ‘so offended by their song that i posted it so that my followers would go in on them’ OR
  6. kid is offended if i dont post their song (which was prob because it wasn’t funny) and makes hideous post abotu how im ‘2 full of myself/hollywood to pay attention to them even tho nobody cares about me and one day theyre gonna show the world how much better they are than me’

it’s all funny to me and i enjoy it. i could prob find some of them if u want, there’s one kid in particular who makes a shitload of mean songs about me and sends them to me all the time but the effort and intensity are hilarious

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youowemeabj sez: do you seriously mean you can't be sexist to men?? and that you can't be rasict against white people? I am well aware of the fact that those are not the biggest problems in the world, but they exsist. Bigger problems doesn't make others invisible. If I follow you right here, you probably don't "believe" in that men can be raped or that rich people have problems or can be unhappy, since they have more than others?











The best/worst part of this is that his URL is literally ‘you owe me a bj’
Im;„ . .. .

you are 13 years old and not even fucking capable to fathom the subject discussed above and my URL has nothing to do with this kitty being in denial about the world she is living in and the fact that it is POSSIBLE to be sexist againt men and it is POSSIBLE to be racist against white people: watch and learn


Racism is actions, practices or beliefs, or social or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities


Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender

Even though it’s not the usual way it happens, it still is POSSIBLE open your fucking eyes please and give me some hope about our future

check it out guys white male user “youowemeabj” has things to say about the world i’m in denial of

"white male" like that would automatically ban me from have any opinions about anything? THIS is what I’m talking about, you are using my skincolour and gender as a degrading thing, since I’m "priviledged" my opinions doesn’t matter? And yes my username is silly as fuck, but so is your almost non-existing argumentation


no, your “priveledged” “argumentations doesn’t” matter

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Anonymous sez: are you religious? what is your religion?

im not like super religious…….i used to go to church every sunday and i was super involved in my youth group until me and my dad moved out of my moms house and embarked on our life of rebellion but ive always had a good relationship with god like

u know how in barney, the little kids bring barney to life and he chills with them and takes care of them and teaches them stuff, that’s how me and god are. he’s like a bro 4 me i imagine him chilling with me when im scared or nervous or sad and it makes me feel better. im still stuck in my veggie-tales phase

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