help me get rid of the clothes/stuff i can’t take with me

i’m going away for a few months and i need to get rid of a lot of clothes, especially the ones that i can’t even wear because they don’t fit me, and a lot of shoes and accessories and shit idk

here is a blog where you can buy my clothes (and probably other stuff that i find that i don’t want anymore) for barely any $$$$ because i don’t really wanna make money i just want someone nice to take care of my stuff

  1. versacemon said: Pantsu
  2. animals-killing-humans said: God damn I feel like such a creep right now
  3. thedarlingchild said: i emailed u
  4. omsnoms said: omg how much are your pink shorts w/meow on the butt and what size are they?! i want em so baaaad
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  6. nbapleighawfs said: those meow shorts can’t fit me fuck
  7. bblackcats said: that green jacket! i messaged you!
  8. frankushington said: none of it fits me this is bullshit
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