ok I hate being serious about things ever but I just got a message that scares me and because for some weird reason girls look up to me, I think I should probably address this awkward lame shit even though I’m not goin to post it because it wasn’t anonymous and yeah

the way I look in the Orion’s Belt video and a few other videos (the tumblr closet one, etc) - that isn’t good. the reason I don’t look like that anymore is because I was dying…my organs were failing, bad stuff was goin on with my body. it was definitely a cool time of my life because I was always flyin all around for shows and going to London and meeting with labels and stuff like that, and I was told that if I didn’t gain weight I was going to die because my body couldnt function and I was going to be forcibly placed in an in-patient treatment facility.

naturally I took my priorities into consideration and realized that my dreams have always been to 1. fall in love and be happily ever after with a cool smart person who treats me like a cute puppy princess, 2. make a living by trolling thefuck out of millions of people at once, and 3. party with Andrew WK. basically, up until that point I’d been treating myself like hitler treated gypsies in death camps, and if I didn’t fix it I would be giving up the opportunity to move to new York and achieve all my life goals at the age of 19. if u have ever played the sims 3, you know that I basically enabled testing cheats in real life.

so I gained a little bit of weight and it was the hardest and scariest thing I ever did and it’s still pretty awful for me but it’s worth it to be alive I guess, even if I keep almost fucking it up by accidentally doing dumb stuff. I don’t ever want to get another message asking for tips on how to get the bruised up/thin hair/no sex drive (U CAN’T GET WET WHEN UR MALNOURISHED IMNOT JOKING)/bad skin/sleep 15 hours a day body I had over the summer. if you want to look and feel like I did you’re a fucking moron and I will straight up tell you that forever

I am lucky to have a grown-up, stable, perfect human who loves me and helps me to remember that I am beautiful no matter what they say all the time. some people are not as lucky and if that’s the case, I am here for you. if you ever feel the urge to be a stupid bitch like I was, please message me and I will be lovingly mean to you and tellvyou all the disgusting things that happened to my body until you realize how dumb you are for wanting to have such a terrible life. xoxo kitty

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