oh also some other things- boys do NOT want to fuck you and I have literally had like 10 different boys I liked blatantly tell me That touching my body was gross. your hair will come out in chunks and sorry but the best body in the world couldn’t make up for nasty hair. your fingernails peel off and your teeth get brown and your eyelashes fall out and your lips are permanently chapped and you never poop (you don’t understand how fun pooping is until you go like a month without pooping). you can’t go on dates or outings where there will be food, old people act weird around you, you can’t dance for very long at a time, your eyes get all tired looking, you spend way too much time looking at and measuring yourself, you don’t have fun at disneyworld because you get hot and tired too fast, then eventually you can’t do anything because your chest hurts so bad when you try to, then you have to get nasty intravenous protein or some shit into your veins, you start peeing yourself, you have to wear little kid sized clothes, etc

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    Reasons not to starve yourself to be skinny.
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    reasons not to starve yourself as stated by the wonderful kitty pryde
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